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Belting out my mind, fuzz, fear, clouds, dry. Collapsing crowd on the balance of the tide. Better know, better try, better cry, not sure why. Every-day, every-night, say goodbye, no goodbye. Raised up on hi, bowed out on time, Sisyphus on hi, best change my mind. God awful helicopter, scanning, buzzing, planning my demise. Gotta, gotta run, sugar’s on my mind. Weighing down, shouting out, don’t ya claw on time. Every-day, every-night, say goodbye, no goodbye.
The city is cold and dry. Faint watermarked shoes, sinking, giddy, tired. Dry and smokey fever brewing, wells of hearts left aside. Cloaks and chokes guide my morning. Light peaks, day creeps, the brightness collides. Sun says farewell, moon is on the rise. Best take the rest, take the test, I bet you’re fine. Won’t you think of someone else, the distant kind. Don’t you see the irony, of not seeing kind. Bitterness on behemoth they did cry. Hold me tight, hold me tight, they screamed to the sky. Hollow gestures, grand faded ideals, i have to say goodbye, open is my mind, golden and maligned.


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Transatlantic riffs

Dez Dare (Brighton, UK based, Australian born) and Melt Citizen (El Paso, USA) bring you 4 DIY gems to melt your brains and hearts.

Waiting, scheming, watching the world descend into insanity, the beast that is made of bytes finally called into the void. It bellowed into the echo chamber of fuzz and beats, demanding a sacrifice.

Hidden away in spare rooms and makeshift studios while in very different pockets of the earthly domain, there were two who worshipped at the altar of guitar pedals and heavily discounted recording plugins.

This split EP digs deep into the cacophonous divide between reality and the two countries entrenched in denial, grasping to find a way out of the long grass. Back into the light.


released February 12, 2021


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Dez Dare Brighton, UK

"The guitars romp and saw all over the place like a swordfish spearing its prey with a Kyuss on acid feel to it." [8/10]

"I would say if Hawkwind wrote two-three minute punk songs, they would sound just like this and that’s a hell of a compliment!" Über Rock

"Ulysses Trash is a dirty mean sleazy garage punk rock affair." Strutter'zine [8/10]
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